Sunday, October 2, 2016


As I expected, my result from the two political typology tests was a solid liberal. I always knew I was liberal when I found myself to support views like same-sex marriage. First, I suspect my hispanic ethnicity is a prime element of my political view due to Democrats' view on immigration and welfare policies. Second, I grew up in a Catholic family though I never confirmed my faith nor participated in the weekly outings to church. It is rest assured that Catholics tend to vote Democratic rather than Republican. I would not say my family's beliefs extremely impacted mine, since I oppose Catholic views on abortion and contraceptives. Therefore, I concluded that Catholicism did not influence my political stance.

When it comes to gun control, I possess a liberal outlook. DeFilippis and Hughes in "The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership" report fatal stories of gun use and research bias simultaneously revealing the danger behind gun ownership. I don't vehemently oppose gun ownership yet I believe there should be stricter gun control lawssuch as precise background checks on each individual purchasing a firearm. In conclusion, I stand by the reasoning that more gun control would lessen the chance of civilian gun violence.

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