Friday, September 30, 2016


Apparently I am a solid liberal and centralist.

I'm not sure if I considered myself as either of those, but let's look at my political socialization to see what influences I've had growing up. My ethnicity does not appear to play a role in my ideology but my economic class and gender do. In my household, political discussion was and is often kept to a minimum. It just isn't a common or prominent topic in my family. When I was younger, I was aware that my stepdad was a Republican, and that is the only real political recollection I have from my family. From church, I've been exposed to more conservative Republican ideals because of current controversial issues concerning abortion and gay marriage. Despite the influence of my church coupled with that of my stepdad, I surprisingly lean towards the Democratic party.

I am no expert on politics - in fact, I'll admit that I know very little - but my opinions on abortion, gay marriage, taxes, environmental protocol, etc. seem to align with those of Democrats. I believe in equality, whether that includes pro-choice, unrestricted marriage laws, or more. In addition, I stand by the push for stricter gun control. While I do acknowledge what the Second Amendment says literally, I interpret that single sentence featured in the Constitution as permission to keep and bear arms should the need arise in time of unexpected war or revolution for the benefit and protection of the country and its values. The article "The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership" highlights one of the many dangers of not having stricter gun regulations. I do not disagree that not allowing people to own a gun can infringe on an individual's rights, but it is more important for the public safety to ensure that gun owners meet the requirements to safely own a firearm.

My results from the political ideology quizzes surprised me because I never felt that my views were so extreme or definite. Perhaps I prefer more liberal ideals because of my age and exposure to trends dominating social media, or perhaps they stem from what I learn in school. Whatever the case may be, it's easy to agree that there isn't one single factor that defines my views, and I think that it's important in this day and age to maintain our individuality by respecting others' opinions but not conforming to them.

You know you love us. Xoxo, Government Girls.
Amanda Hinh

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