Saturday, September 10, 2016


The video we watched in class taught me that states' rights are important to a variety of people for a variety of reasons. Although legalizing marijuana and gun rights are commonly viewed as causes on opposite sides of party lines, activists for both believe that the federal government should have less regulatory power over their businesses. I was shocked that the man who operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland was eligible for the death penalty under federal law (which I think is a huge exaggeration of the severity of his crime). A more conservative example is Gary from Montana, who thinks the government is infringing on his right to sell guns within state lines.
As we learned in this week's lesson, issues between state and federal powers have existed from the founding of our country. On one side is centralism, in which the federal government has the majority of the power and states only receive rights surrendered by the national government. On the other side are decentralists, who believe that the 10th Amendment grants broad power to the states, and view the Constitution as a strict construction document. These opposing viewpoints transcend time periods and political parties and are the root of many of America's ongoing debates.
You know you love us. Xoxo, government girls.
(Claire McNamara)

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