Saturday, September 10, 2016


In PBS’ Constitution USA, “A More Perfect Union” highlights the perpetual conflict between states’ rights and federal power of the government. A prime example of this controversial topic focuses on the legality of marijuana. The owner of the medical marijuana facility featured in the episode could face the death penalty under federal law but according to the state of California, medical marijuana is legal. This extremity is absurd and demonstrates a major weakness in the government; if the national government contradicts states’, then where does that leave American citizens? In many cases, state laws are more important in protecting individuals’ rights than federal law. (reflection) However, the supremacy clause, mentioned in this week’s lesson, addresses the issue of conflicting legislation, concluding that ultimately federal law trumps state laws. This popularly debated issue is a result of centralism vs. decentralism. Due to different interpretations of the Constitution, polar approaches to enforcing legislation and exercising governmental power for the American people create a division in our politics. The Founding Fathers may not have devised the perfect system for governing the United States, but we as a nation, nevertheless, are continuing to thrive and dispute this problem.

You know you love us. Xoxo, Government Girls.
(Amanda Hinh)

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