Friday, August 19, 2016

Where Does Clinton Stand?

Hillary Clinton, the current Democratic presidential nominee, has been dedicated to involving herself in politics for many years. From her opinions on taxes to immigration, the Government Girls will provide an unbiased look at her political views and the current key issues.

Clinton claims she will increase taxes on the wealthy and cut taxes for the middle-class. She promises to close corporate tax loopholes and make sure millionaires and billionaires can’t pay lower rates than middle-class families. In addition, she wishes to give tax relief to working families who are struggling with costs from college to healthcare. Hillary Clinton states that she will reform the healthcare policies by reducing the cost of the Affordable Care Act, which requires all Americans to have health insurance. She also plans to restrict drug companies from charging excessive prices, slow the growth of out-of-pocket costs, and provide a new credit to those facing high health expenses.

As oil and gas companies flourish, environmentalists grow concerned for the future well-being of the earth. Hillary responds with a proposal to stop tax giveaways to big oil and gas companies. Furthermore, she intends to make significant investments in clean energy. Her plan to have a half a billion solar panels by the year 2020 will generate enough renewable electricity to power every home in America in the next 10 years. In a similar manner, Clinton plans to ask Congress to make investment in roads, bridges, railways, airports, and water systems.

Many are worried about the national security of America and the war on terrorism. In previous years, while she was the Senator of State, Clinton broke trade agreements with South Korea and Columbia. Furthermore, she agreed to allow the use of armed forces in Iran if the government’s belief that they are making nuclear weapons was confirmed. Hillary Clinton wishes to stand up to aggressors around the globe and defeat worldwide terrorism by dismantling the terror networks that supply terrorists and by toughening our security at home.

In defense of President Obama’s executive actions, Hillary intends on introducing a comprehensive immigration reform to grant full and equal citizenship within her first one hundred days in office. She encourages the end of family detention, the closing of private immigrant detention centers, and wishes to help more eligible people become naturalized. Overall, she focuses on enforcing immigration laws and aims to do everything possible to protect all families.

These are the political views and concerns of the 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, written and reported by the Government Girls. See you next time! (For information on her opponent, Donald Trump, please read “Trump’s Policies #Exposed")

You know you love us. Xoxo, Government Girls
(Sharon Kwon and Jenn Carhuamaca)


  1. Didn't know Hillary supported renewable energy,very interesting to see that she has a clear plan for it. Well-written post altogether!

  2. You guys did a really good job describing her policies, especially those of immigration and taxes. Overall, I think this is a great post. My only comment is that Colombia is misspelled, but everything else is great.